Pledge-A-Protester: Can't Shut Us Down!

Since June of 2014, many people have donated funds to our Pledge-A-Protester campaign via the donation site Almost 9 months later, the P-A-P campaign's coordinator received an email saying that YouCaring shut down our donation site. Their reasoning was the following:

"...we reserve the right to remove any campaigns that we feel are divisive or controversial to our community. As such, we have removed your fundraiser."

Well alrighty then.

Not being ones to back down when faced with adversity, we tried and tried to find a way to change the page so it would be acceptable to YouCaring's standards. In the end we couldn't keep the web address that was already published on all of the Pledge-A-Protester print materials. Since their community found our cause to be "divisive," we went in a better direction for donations: Paypal!

Patients, friends, family, and pro-choice supporters can once again make donations of any amount to our Pledge-A-Protester fund! Just like before, every cent of every donation is given to women who cannot afford their abortion procedure for any number of reasons. To date, donations from our wonderful supporters have been disbursed to a total of 34 patients.

We are incredibly grateful to our donors and their generous support in this cause. There is such satisfaction in being able to answer the challenge our patients face when seeking care at our office. Instead of feeling shamed and bullied on the walk to the front door, we can provide a sense of empowerment in a time of chaos, and it's all thanks to you!

To make a donation in support of the right to reproductive choice and in defense of our patients, you can visit our Paypal site by clicking the button below or by clicking the button in the sidebar on this blog. Your donations and support make a huge difference! Thank you!

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