Tell Ohio Legislators To #LeaveMyPussyAlone

ORIGINAL POST (4:00 PM): Another day, another proposed abortion restriction. Yesterday, anti-choice legislators introduced an amendment to Ohio’s state budget that would close our sister clinic, Capital Care Network of Toledo.

Currently, the state requires that abortion clinics have an ambulatory transfer agreement with a “local” hospital (despite the fact that transfer agreements are pointless, since no hospital can turn away a patient who comes to the ER).

According to the Columbus Dispatch, under a provision added Wednesday to the budget, the hospital would have to be within 30 miles of the clinic. This new provision would render Capital Care Network’s transfer agreement with The University of Michigan invalid, because Ann Arbor is more than 30 miles away.

This last-minute, sneaky tactic by anti-choice Republican senators has Ohio’s pro-choice community madder than hell and we aren’t going to give up without a fight.

We’re encouraging everyone to send emails to their state senators urging them to remove this abortion-related amendment from the budget.

That’s where the stickers come in. We’ve teamed up with our favorite pro-choice cat, Classy Cat In Columbus, to create some awesome pro-choice stickers, which we’ll be handing out on Saturday at the Columbus Gay Pride Festival.

Every person who emails their legislator and sends us a screenshot will get a free #LeaveMyPussyAlone sticker! You can post the screenshot in a comment on our Facebook page and we’ll reserve your sticker. Come to the Planned Parenthood* booth between 2 PM - 5 PM on Saturday (6/20) to claim your pro-choice sticker!

*Founder's Women's Health Center is not affiliated with Planned Parenthood in any way. They were simply nice enough to allow us to peddle our stickers at their Gay Pride booth.

If you can't make it to Pride this weekend, we will also be at ComFest next Saturday (6/27). We'll be volunteering at the Freedom Of Choice Ohio (FOCO) booth from 5 PM - 8 PM.

For those of you who want to make a pro-choice fashion statement, stay tuned! We’re in the process of making #LeaveMyPussyAlone tote bags and t-shirts. 100% of the net profits from this project will be donated to an Ohio-based 501(c)(3) abortion fund.

UPDATE (6/18/15, 6:15 PM): According to Jaime Miracle, Policy Director for NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, "Senator Sandra Williams made a deal and the amendment requiring the transfer agreement hospital to be within 30 miles of the clinic has been REMOVED from the budget. There is still a section that essentially allows ODH to pocket veto abortion clinic variance applications and could close clinics in Dayton and Cinci, but the Toledo situation isn't quite as dire for now."

We still need to continue the fight... Please keep reaching out to your legislators and Governor john kasich. tell them to stop passing TRAP laws (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) that are designed to shutter abortion clinics in Ohio.

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